A Night Of Horror with TOY

Before the release of their fifth upcoming album Luminous, The Horrors performed a show full of lights for the fans in California. It was an honor for me to have been able to attend their LA show, along with TOY.

What made this show very spontaneous was how much life both bands put into their songs. Imagine floating through space and all of a sudden a million shooting stars appear out of nowhere and surround your whole body while the bass drum is beating inside your heart, that’s how I would describe this show.

TOY started off with Conductorwhich is also the opening to their album Join the Dots and it’s the most uplifting instrumental songs of theirs from the whole track list. Endlessly definitely had to be my favorite performance because it is my favorite song off their recent album and also the best video I took of them.

The Horrors started off their set with Mirror’s Image from their second album, Primary Colours. Everyone starts getting out of their seat and dancing to the rhythm of the keyboards and then the drum fill comes to life and all I could hear were people cheering the band on and dancing steadily to the beat. Hardly anyone had their phones in their hands, as I looked around the room all I saw were shut eyes and people singing along to their favorite Horrors song.

A lot of my favorite songs from the previous albums were performed that night including Scarlet Fields, Sea Within A Sea, Still Life, and Moving Further Away. Ending the show with Moving Further Away was a moment of complete awe. The whole room was filled with colors and flickering lights, halfway through the song comes the bridge where every instrument picks up and Faris is singing “oh I surrender this is it…” and yes, I completely surrendered my whole soul while closing my eyes and being taken away by the music.

The best part of concerts for me is forgetting everything that happened before, yes I am talking about the terrible LA traffic and how crowded Hollywood is, but in the end I know I will be seeing one of my favorite bands so nothing else matters.

People ask me “why would you drive 4 hours to LA to go to a concert?” and my answer is always “it’s worth it trust me. “

1797027550 In Hollywood holding the band’s records.

IMG_3864 An image description of how the show looked like.


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