Travel Diary: A Summer in Europe

Travel Diary: A Summer in Europe will be a series of updates featured this summer while Sophia Lengle, a young Edmonton artist travels in Europe. 

#1–Unpacking, #2–Market Square, #3–The Castle, #4–Being in the Moment

Being abroad is wonderful. Everything is new which is exciting and even when something isn’t new and reminds you of home its also wonderful, so it seems that when you are abroad things in life get kicked up a notch.
I still feel that way sometimes, but now less so. Its comparable to that amazing Christmas feeling that you get around the holidays, a feeling that you remember being so much stronger when you were younger. I suppose things are duller now because I’m not a child anymore, but once in awhile you meet those people that haven’t let time make things less special. I suppose its also just being human, the more often things happen the less special they get.
Anyways I am talking about this to try and explain what has happened to me. I am abroad right now. I am in the Netherlands. I used to come here every couple of summers and it was always so exciting and everything was new and the people were so tall. The people are still tall, but somehow things got less exciting after I lived in the Netherlands for a year. In place of that excited feeling, I have acquired a sort of double life. I now have family, wonderful friends, routines, favourite places and houses on both sides of the Atlantic. I live a double life and whenever I leave one country and go to the other I put my life on pause in the one country and pick it up at the airport on the other side. I’m not the only one that feels this way, but I wanted to write about it because coming back to the Netherlands this summer after a year of living in Canada and having lived in the Netherlands the previous year, is strange.
I arrive and walk up the steps of my house and its like I never left, that a year never passed. It was the same feeling I experienced when I came back to Canada after having been away in the Netherlands for a year.
It’s a very surreal feeling that a couple of years ago I never had to deal with before.
The conclusion I have come to from all of this is I want to try and enjoy the small things in life more. Just because I travel frequently doesn’t mean that I want to let it to be less special; I want to find that “child on Christmas morning” feeling and I don’t want to have to eight before I realize what a gift youth and life is.


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