Talking ’bout HAIM

Are You Strong Enough to be My Man–Lorde and Haim

I’m in love with sister trios. Maybe because I’m a member of one myself, and I’m drawn to those alike to me. This is only one of many reasons for liking Haim, the indie band consisting of sisters Este, Danielle, and Alana Haim. If you don’t know who they are, I’m walking away from you right now. Do you see my silhouetted figure in the distance? 


The first time I heard Haim was in 2011 after discovering their single “Better Off” on Vogue’s website. It was nothing like I expected–cliche, I know–and I loved it immediately. It was the fun blend of pop and indie music with lyrics that could either be growled or whispered, that made me listen to them on repeat. However, Haim soon drifted to the bottom of my most played playlist, until a year later when their video for “Don’t Save Me” was released. I watched that video over and over, while spending the next week gushing over the talent and beauty of the band, specifically Danielle Haim.

If I Could Change Your Mind–Haim

Since then the star of Haim has continued to rise, I can’t help but drool over their style, confidence and fierceness along with their mass following of youngsters on the internet. The thing about Haim is that their coolness doesn’t feel manufactured or forced. For example, while performing at the 2012 iTunes Festival, Este Haim coolly gave out her phone number, and asked people to save her a spot so she could watch Ellie Goulding with them. With Haim, it feels like they’re your best friends, or at least the cool girls who would compliment your new Chelsea boots.

As well as a fierce, intense presence on stage–watch all their live performances on Youtube–the sisters have such a chill style that’s simple and works well with each girls personality. I may have saved several pictures of Este’s outfits and googled her red lipstick(hard to find a specific;it might be Ruby Woo). All in all, I think Haim is that fresh shot of cool I need each day, and they have so much fun, and seem like the friendliest people. It makes listening to their music twice as fun. And I’ll be listening to them all summer.


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