Sophia Lengle

“I caught myself and realized that I was just trying to bury my hurt and draw around it, which I knew wasn’t going to help in the end.”

These drawings have a sort of sadness, or lonely feel behind them. Or at least that is what I was feeling and wanted to convey through the drawings. I am trying to say that I feel sad, I feel alone, I don’t know what to do. As an artist I draw to feel better, I draw the elephant in the room or the monkey on my back. Because drawing or creating around what you are really feeling is exhausting and I feel just perpetuates denial. With the first drawing I drew myself when I was unhappy because I knew I had to do something that scared me and caused me stress.  I drew my face when feeling this way because by drawing it I gave myself a chance to witness myself and sometimes that’s all you need. The other two drawings were of me after I broke up with someone very dear to my heart. I was heartbroken and wanted to capture that feeling in a couple drawings in hopes to rid myself of the feeling. I wanted to illustrate this because as people we experience all different types of emotion and by drawing sadness as well as happiness and all those other great feelings it helps gives a fuller picture of what it means to be a human being. Though I think it’s also important for people to not get too caught up in their sadness, I draw to let things go. Maybe if more people know that they can try drawing and creating art as an outlet as well.  

Sophia Lengle is a young Edmonton born artist who enjoys experimenting with a variety of mediums to create artwork. She has had artwork featured in The Front gallery in downtown Edmonton as well as a couple small art shows for young people. Sophia’s art is typically inspired by and revolves around people and capturing feeling. She is currently working on developing her style and creating art every opportunity she gets in hopes to develop her skill and explore the world of art.  


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