Travel Diary #2: A Summer in Europe

In the most simple way possible I will describe my trip so far.
I went from Edmonton Canada to Amsterdam to Wijchen to Amsterdam to Italy to Amsterdam.
And will be going from Amsterdam to Frankfurt to Wijchen to Amsterdam to Wijchen to (I don’t know yet) to Wijchen to Amsterdam then back to Edmonton.

Growing up

I think growing up has become the most apparent for me in the past two years or so though ironically I am no longer physically growing. I remember when I used to have to go to bed before all the adults and when I wasn’t allowed to do things on my own. Now I am more independent than ever and it’s the best feeling. I get to eat what I want, stay up as late as I want, travel on my own, make my own money, drive a car, I buy my own tickets to things and I spend time with the people I choose. I still have a lot of support from my family and whenever I need them I know that they will be there for me. Though knowing that I don’t need them in the same dependent way is thrilling. Not that I don’t want help, it’s just the options are there now and it’s like my eyes are really opening for the first time.

I got my hair cut a couple of days ago in Amsterdam and I realized that It was the first time in my whole life that I paid for my own haircut. This year has been full of firsts for me. My first job, my first boyfriend, my first love, my first time flying on my own, my first vacation that I organized.
It shouldn’t be shocking but It’s like through all these firsts I am becoming more and more myself.

Today I went to the Stedelijk museum, a wondrous modern and contemporary art museum in Amsterdam. I love museums, maybe that’s because I grew up going to them with my folks… I think its similar to the way I fell in love with Neil young’s music, my dad used to listen to it all the time as he painted and I hated the music with a passion, but he kept on listening to it and now I really like it.
While in the museum I walked around in awe smiling at everyone, even the security guards all dressed in their smart grey suits. I saw a lot of art, some pieces making lasting impressions while others just provoking a moments length tilt of the head. I could feel my eyes grow wide and an alive sensation come over me every time I saw a piece of art that I found incredible. After I visit a good art museum I am always so inspired. I can’t hold still and have the huge urge to create something. That’s why I love going to new places, galleries and museums. I classify art as anything that was created in an attempt to convey the feeling/voice of the artist to the people viewing it.

Don’t hesitate to email, or find me on Instagram or Facebook to ask me any questions about my art or travels.

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