Best Friend Texts

img004by Isabella

Best Friend Texts are texts that hold weight over a relationship–it can be a text from anyone, a best friend, significant other, a relative, maybe even an idol. It is combined with a screenshot and a collage relating to that relationship. Toothache is trying to show the importance within friendships and technology–a simple “are you okay?” text that can mean a lot to a person. These texts are about the love we share with others and ourselves.

This is a text I got from one of my best friends, Sara. We’ve only known eachother for about 8 months, but it feels like I know her better than people I’ve known for all my life. She holds a special place in my heart and I love her with all my being.

We have seen seasons together, grown like little berries, and dreamed about visiting Italy together. We both have different desires and needs in life yet we always find a common ground. The relationship you have with one of your best friends is crucial when you are growing. You need someone to grow with you and notice when something isn’t right. And this is the most important question we are too afraid to answer – “are you doing okay?” and we need someone to listen when we open our hearts and let them peek inside.
Best Friend Texts can be texts from anyone: a best friend, a romantic interest/partner, a relative, an idol… Send in your own BFT’s with a paragraph or two explaining why this text was important to you. We will post them on Friday’s because “TGIF, I have another BFTF!” 

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