The Train


I sit in the train with my journal and attempt to print half decently as I go 300km/h. I dip in and out of the dark as tunnels cut out the light at 10-second intervals and my ears feel the pressure of the speed as I yawn like you would during the decent of an airplane. I move my foot which has fallen asleep and cause the foot rest to let out an unpleasant screech. I look up to see if the sound was enough to break fellow passengers out of their iPhone induced trances… It wasn’t and I resume to write, but not for long because someone is coming down the isle now and I have to look up. It is only another traveling person, nothing special, but when the next person walks past I can’t help but looking up again. Who I’m looking for I don’t really know, but I know I will know when I find them. Being in the train is magic for me, its independence and adventure, it’s going somewhere by oneself. You can meet anyone on the train. And when that stranger that you find yourself glancing at returns your stare, that’s a moment that you don’t forget. As this thought unfolds at 300km/h I remember something. In London’s underground I had that once. My hand was gripped around a pole to stay standing in a crowded metro car and I noticed another hand wrapped around the yellow metal just above mine, a strong hand that led to an arm which I followed up to a shoulder and finally to a face which I wasn’t too subtle about looking at. For the remainder of the ride we played a silent game of stealing glances, but then it was my stop and I had to leave. I let the pole go and my hand fell to my side as the doors opened and I turned away. I walked out a couple paces; away from the metro car where he was still standing. I looked back. I had to, for just one more moment, just one because I knew I would never meet him again. The crowd parted like they would in a movie and for a few seconds there was nothing in between us. Just long enough for us to lock eyes. I hadn’t had an encounter like this before and so I didn’t know what to expect, and not knowing was half the fun. He tilted his head, smiled and winked… at me! I was seen, for the first time and that was magic.

by Sophia Lengle


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