Things We Love: Damon Albarn

by Steph

There are many artists I listen to and consider my favourite, but the one musician I think that has the biggest impact in my life would be Damon Albarn. Every single project he has done has been different than the rest of his other musical productions, and all of them hold a different meaning for me.

In 1988, he started a band with his fellow peers Graham Coxon, Alex James, and Dave Rowntree and formed Blur back then known as “Seymour.”Blur is definitely the band I put first than any other because there are so many great things I can say, including how much they changed their sounds throughout the years, and how they became one of England’s biggest bands in the 90s, also known as the Britpop era, and ending with a very quiet, distorted album, Think Tank.

One of the songs that hold a lot of meaning to me is No Distance Left to Run from the album 13 because it’s definitely one of those songs that are sung as a farewell to someone you once loved. Damon Albarn’s songwriting is never boring, never dull; there is always something to say about every song he and his band members have produced.

Another project Albarn has been part of is the virtual band Gorillaz, formed with Jamie Hewett in 1998. This is probably the most known project of his; with many radio hits such as Feel Good Inc., Clint Eastwood, and Dare. Damon again does not fail in giving interesting rhythm, lyrics, and in this case, animated cartoons drawn by Jamie Hewlett himself!

Damon Albarn has done some solo projects as well. He released an album earlier in March, Everyday Robots, and I enjoyed listening to it very much although it does kind of break my heart knowing Blur might not ever release music since he was recently interviewed asking about new singles being released and all he said was “they couldn’t finish it.”

I fell in love with Damon by seeing interviews of the band, knowing how he became influenced in writing songs, and connecting with his music in a way where it doesn’t focus on just one perspective, he has inspired me to write music of my own and even through any instrument into my songs and making them work out in a peculiar, but interesting way. Even if I don’t meet him one day I want to start a band and thank him in every album of how much of an inspiration he has been to me since I started college!


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