“Nothing That You’re Used To”

Palo Alto

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Best Friend Texts

img004by Isabella

Best Friend Texts are texts that hold weight over a relationship–it can be a text from anyone, a best friend, significant other, a relative, maybe even an idol. It is combined with a screenshot and a collage relating to that relationship. Toothache is trying to show the importance within friendships and technology–a simple “are you okay?” text that can mean a lot to a person. These texts are about the love we share with others and ourselves.

Beneath the Surface:An Interview with Jessie Roth

by Akosua

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 6.12.50 PM Jessie’s Flickr

A few days ago I was listening to episode #293 of This American Life, in which the overall theme was about having little pieces of knowledge; knowing only a bit about something, but acting as if you have an expert opinon. I often like to collect little pieces of knowledge, and attempt to get to an expert level, or at least act like it. A lot of time I’m influenced by blogs I read–or even Twitter–and one of those blogs is paradoxicalsentiments, written by twenty-year-old full-time college student Jessie Roth. Apart from taking fantastic photographs, Jessie keeps her blog updated with musings on her daily goings and the films she watches. Everything she says gets me interested in the world, from vegan ice cream appreciation to paragraphs on her recent trip to a yoga retreat. I had the greatest urge to interview Jessie and though I wasn’t sure what I would ask her, I knew I had to try. I asked her really basic questions, but I got the most interesting answers.